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Choloma is a municipality in the Honduran department of Cortés. It is now the third-largest city in Honduras.

Many factories are stationed in Choloma due to its cheap labor which has helped the municipality's economy. As a result of this, fast food enterprises including Pizza Hut, Wendy's, Church's Chicken and Burger King have opened in the municipality, along with a shopping mall.

Choloma is just south of Puerto Cortes and north of San Pedro Sula, with transportation to other municipalities provided by private bus companies. Many transnational companies, such as Oshkosh, are stationed here for production as well as in various tax-free zones around the country.

La Lima is a municipality in the Honduran department of Cortés.

It is home to the corporate headquarters of the Tela Railroad Company, a subsidiary of Chiquita Brand. The city is divided into two cities by river Chamelecon: La Lima Vieja, located on the western side of the River and La Lima Nueva, located on the eastern side of the river. Its people are known as "limeños." For many years La Lima was a city and under the municipality of San Pedro Sula.

When La Lima split from the municipality of San Pedro Sula, Fernando Ching Navarro was part of the committee in charge of the creation of the municipality of La Lima.

When the municipality was created, he went on to become the first major of La Lima; he took office in 1982 and his term ended in 1986. Mr. Fernando Ching died on 17 January 2009 at the age of 84. His restaurant "Pollos La Canasta" which he established since 1969 is still running in Lima Vieja.

La Lima has a strong international presence with the FHIA (Fundación Hondureña de Investigación Agricola) plant laboratories,known before as "La Quimica" and the American Zone (La Zona Americana) built by the Chiquita banana company in the 1950s to provide housing for its first class employees e.g.: President, Vice-President, Managers, Engineers, Agronomists. The "American Zone" nowadays has a large number of foreigners still living there. In "The American Zone", is located the EILL, Escuela Internacional La Lima.

La Lima has one of the largest golf courses in Central America.

La Lima is also known as "Little New York" because over the years it has been said[by whom?] that if you were a great dancer, you had to be from La Lima. Also, a large population of limeños has residency in New York City, especially the Bronx, and Brooklyn. Most of these people come from the "Colonia Sitraterco". Recently, a large number of limeños have been arriving in Miami. La Lima is a city where you can walk and see the many activities done in the "Centro".

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